Unsolicited Coincidence

If you Google “matthewpedia” today, you will find only six results: two belong to a site designed for folks to study the Biblical book of Matthew, two for a blog created by another Matthew (a writer, it seems), and two other pages referencing the word. Since a typical search turns up 100 million results, I plunged into what might be my best bet for distinction in a sea of unsolicited coincidences (“Your name is Randolph Quagmire Hertumphelsprod III too? Gosh…”).

So it begins.

Matthewpedia – (n) 1. an honest attempt to add to the conversation; 2. an exercise in journalistic discipline; 3. an oh-so-clever title using contemporary Web jargon; 4. a written compendium of my knowledge or, at the least, what can fit onto this screen and still keep your attention (this too is an unsolicited coincidence)

“Welcome to the Web.”

Why, thank you.

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One Response to Unsolicited Coincidence

  1. Eotena says:

    ::Giggles::::Reads again::::Giggles more::

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