The new phonebook is here!

“I am somebody!”
It’s official – I’ve managed to impact the item I’m studying by measuring it (thank you, quantum theory). Actually, it’s simpler than that: Google owns Blogspot/Blogger. Marketing trumps science – somehow – once again.

This blog is now no. 3 in the Google search for matthewpedia. If I were a startup company, I’d probably have to pay some high-dollar Web consultant to get this slot. Of course, I’m not a company, and practically no one is searching for my blog. Still, it’s a giant leap in the quest for Internet individuality. Isn’t that what we all want in life?
My wife says I should start selling something.
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One Response to The new phonebook is here!

  1. meldenius says:

    I have done the same for Meldenius–resurrecting a forgotten reformer.

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