10 Books I Wish Existed

“Now that would make a great book!”

Have you ever said this? I have. Here are 10 wishes.

Sacked: How football blitzed baseball for the national pastime award
Comparing America’s changing wartime history to its sporting popularity. Out with “home run,” “fielder,” and “safe.” In with “blitz,” “sack,” “tackle,” and “end zone.”

The real secret: How authors make millions off you
A self-help page-turner. No no, just a pamphlet.

Mother Teresa: An autobiography
Not letters lacking context. The real thing.

Freakonomics 2
Watch as the Steves aim their high-powered wand at global warming data, what presidential elections and Survivor have in common, and (blink and you’ll miss it) if trendy ideas have reached a tipping point.

Anything else by Leif Enger
This counts as two books. His only novel rivals some classics. And if you don’t read, a film version is in production now. Peace like a river? Picture Harper Lee 2,000 miles upstream.

Blind loyalty, nepotism, pride, and other business killers: An awakening worse than moved cheese
I dare you. I’ll buy it.

Harry Potter and the sticky situation of socialized medicine
Potter fans are used to waiting for things, so…

Straight talk about “you know what”
Just for the title. You’d laugh too if you saw it! (Kudos to Bethel Springs)

Portmanteau: The ginormous impact of snuppity linguistic contractions
I couldn’t resist. Could this book make a différance? Who can know?

Do you have a book title to add? Leave it as a comment.

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6 Responses to 10 Books I Wish Existed

  1. meldenius says:

    1. Occam’s Electric Shaver: A Convenient Truth and other Essays2. Post-Post-Modernity: A Preview of Attitudes Yet to Come3. Jesus in Jail: The Phenomenon of Prison Conversions4. Sex in the Country or Desperate Farm Wives (perhaps those are better as TV shows)5. The Life of Psi

  2. matthewpedia says:

    Well said. Occam’s razor is getting dull.I’m telling you – there’s something to titling things before their creation.

  3. Katya says:

    Schrödinger’s Cat in the Hat: Quantum physics explained using anapestic tetrameter and a 223-word vocabulary.

  4. matthewpedia says:

    Is it Thing 1 or Thing 2? Ask the cat…

  5. Katya says:

    Hmm. Now I wonder if the HUP applies to Thing 1 and Thing 2. It would explain so much . . .

  6. Anonymous says:

    Books I wish existed: My brilliant, unpublished manuscripts that I lost in the fire.

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