Who, me?

“Bad Citizen” month continues here at Matthewpedia.

Blogs are supposed to be about you, the writer. Sometimes painfully so. Some folks argue that they are you. However you see it – diary, journal, soapbox, virtual-self or otherwise – there’s no denying that they are personal.
Is this personality the reason we read them? Are everyone else’s nitty-gritty details just as exciting as these guys? (Go Sox!)
Probably. So, in honor of bad Web citizen month (see previous post), this post won’t be about me. Instead, I’m sharing something that may be useful to you.
Take a look at Charity Navigator.  This organization helps “find a charity you can trust.”  Charity Navigator does extensive research and shows you how your charity spends their money and pay their CEOs. You can even get best practices for giving and make comparisons across charity sectors.  For example, go look up your local United Wayand see how they’re doing.

I’m not suggesting you stop giving to or volunteering at your favorite charity.  Charity Navigator would probably be the first to tell you that charities experience varied challenges and that many of them are improving.  What I am suggesting is that the next time you want to give money to help “save” Africa (what does that mean, anyway?) or discover if a charity really does feed hungry people in your own zip code, check here first.
So there you go.  No more details about me – I’m off to watch the Sox.
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