Hellooo, Orono!

As Bad Web Citizenmonth draws to a close at Matthewpedia, let’s all take a stroll down Uneasy Street.

This blog has been around for three months, and I’ve watched the Web traffic for most of it, thanks to a nifty service from our friends in Mountain View.

That means I can see you!
Well, not really. But click the images on the right to see the tracker shows.
Google Analytics lets you track visits to your Web site (or blog) for free, and it just happens to work really well with Google’s own blog service. I started using it for Matthewpedia in August.
(Disclaimer: Don’t worry, I can’t see any individualized info; it only displays aggregate data.  For example, I can tell that I’ve had 36 visits from Maine, but I don’t know exactly who or when they were.)
So far, two things are apparent. (1) These services make you think you have more friends than you actually do.  And, (2) after using them, you have an official license for some seriously non-scientific analysis!  Get ready!

From the Numbers

I’ve learned that most of you visit Matthewpedia when prompted – either from a note on Facebook or MySpace, an e-mail, or casual conversation. See the spikes?

Most of you hail from the good ol’ US of A, but at least one person has stumbled (probably by accident, perhaps by losing a bet) onto this page from both Spain and Vietnam. Marketing translation: Matthewpedia is already viewed on the three of the largest continents on earth. (Did I just write that?)
In three months, you’ve been here 520 times. You stay for almost 6 minutes, click approximately twice, and come back later looking for more. More than 7% of you are here because a search engine led you here.  I don’t know why, but it did lead you here.
21st-Century License Plate Game
You visit from 26 different states, and if I could establish readers in the remainder of the Louisiana Purchase, I’d be a lot closer to all 50.  C’mon, Alaska and Hawaii!

More interesting is when you view by city. This is where these tracking services really begin to inflate the ego. Besides where I live and work, and the cities where family lives, I have reliable readers in Orono, Jackson, BrewerMar Lin, and even Idaho Falls.
I’ve never been to these cities, and I can’t think of anyone who lives there.  If you do, thanks for reading.  (If you live there and you are a good friend, I apologize for not remembering.  That you live there.)
So, where are you reading this?  Leave me a comment and let me know.
Good Citizenship
That’s it for Bad Web Citizen month. No more blogging without self-promotion. No more posts devoid of self-interest.  And no more behind-the-scenes looks at who’s been hanging around.  We couldn’t have that kind of improper behavior full-time, could we?
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8 Responses to Hellooo, Orono!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Reading from Cartersville, GA – location of my office – should be working. -BenI keep track of your site with the RSS feed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    NYC – Putting UN bandwidth to good use…

  3. matthewpedia says:

    Do my taxes pay for that in any way?

  4. Katya says:

    Hey Matthew,I met you once at your parents house when I was visiting Jess, but I was living in Illinois at the time. (And I’m surprised that I show up as “Orono” – usually my IP address resolves to Bangor, the nearest “big” city.)

  5. Chad says:

    Not sure how accurate your system is … I’ve clearly visited at least half a dozen times from good ole Delaware and we appear to be a glistening white in your “state view.” Hm …

  6. matthewpedia says:

    Yes – so you’re the culprit. There are several visits from “unknown” – probably due to fancy-expensive legal firewalls. I’ll count you as state #27.

  7. chad says:


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