Do you really need it?

November was somewhat of a dry month here at Matthewpedia. So, to make up for lost time, this post will be… short. (Shouldn’t everything that makes up for lost time be short?)

Last week, AOL announced the “15 hottest products of 2007.” Normally, I read Time’s version of this convenient collection of pro bono holiday marketing, but this list intrigued me. (By the way, whoever gave yesterday’s Internet company the market-research thermometer is still a mystery.)
Go ahead and look at the list – I can tell you’re dying to know what’s underneath the shiny wrapping.
Out of 15 “products,” 9 are explicitly technology products, and that’s if you don’t count the Tesla Roadster or the Boeing Dreamliner. That leaves two drinks, an erasable tattoo, and Hannah Montana. Honest. The top three are worth mentioning here.
No. 1

Of course, the love-it-or-hate-it lightning-rod iPhone ranks first. Ask anyone who’s used one and they’ll tell you why. Even the BCS system could get this right.
No. 2
What surprised me was this year’s runner-up: Coke Zero. Coke Zero? Really? This soda’s impact on the pop landscape – carbonated or cultural – knows no bounds. Apparently the Coca-Cola company is winning because this low-carb drink tastes better than flashy competitors, and because it doesn’t use the word “diet.” Whatever the case, I still wonder how it outscored the…
Nintendo Wii. Pronounced “we,” Wii is an addictively fun, motion-based video game system that lets everyone play – even the chronic controller-jerkers among us (you know who you are). Wii was released last Christmas, and is still selling out regularly. Nintendo hasn’t led the industry since 1991, but they’re back. Have you played a Wii? This thing is on a different level.
Besides burning calories while playing video games (!), the Wii gives messages to players between turns. “Why not take a break?” it says, showing you a picture of an open window with a peaceful breeze blowing the curtains. Does anyone else think it’s amazing that Nintendo has sold 13 million products that encourage us to stop using them?
So, there are the winners: an expensive phone that thinks it’s a computer, a soda we drink because we’re stationary long enough to use our phone instead of our computer, and a guilt-free video game system that cares.
Who wants a pony?
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3 Responses to Do you really need it?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ll take 300 ponies… under the hood please.The iPhone is cool, but I personally wouldn’t spend that much money on a phone. But, to me, a phone is just a phone. I don’t need it to tell me the weather or take chunky low-res pictures. Maybe if someone gave me one, I’d change my mind.And maybe we should skip the video games and just get outside more. But they are a guilty pleasure now and then.It’s early. Sorry if I make no sense.-Ben

  2. meldenius says:

    I want one of those cool air cars they mentioned later on. I wonder if it farts along.

  3. matthewpedia says:

    Sorry folks – I corrected the “look at the list” link to the actual AOL hottest products list.Whoops!

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