It’s Memorial Day weekend.  What are you doing?

“I’m traveling to visit family.”

“I’m off to the beach.”

“I’m not doing anything and saving gas!”

If door number three was your response to family, friends or co-workers at any time in the past 24 hours, then you’re probably having a staycation this weekend.  You are also the inspiration for several predictable polls conjured up by bored writers at news organizations – probably the type who are ready for vacations, but may be taking a staycation instead.

Why staycate? One good reason is the involuntary twitching that you experience every time you see the logo of your local gas station. Don’t worry – you’re not alone.  This article claims that Memorial Day weekend travel is lessening for the first time since 2002. I digress.

Other folks use the term to describe an actual vacation in their home city, visiting places they wouldn’t normally have time for because of their regular responsibilities – a practice that has already been exalted and criticized, believe it or not.

I think we should coin the term as a response for people who return from their vacations totally exhausted: “I need a vacation from my vacation!” they jest.  Avoid the urge to make a snide comment and simply say, “Why not try a staycation next time?”

So, what are you doing this weekend – vacating or staycating?

Update – What do they call it in England – stayiday? asks a friend.  Qualiday, I guess.

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2 Responses to Staycation

  1. Anonymous says:

    hmmm…why did Memorial Day weekend travel decrease in 2002, I wonder? Perhaps because of 9/11 eight months before?Your Sister-in-Law

  2. Anonymous says:

    We tried a staycation and we got to see you and Emily. It was great seeing you guys!-Ben Rowland

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