A year has passed since the Matthewpedia staff has written anything of substance on this dust-collecting blog. They’ve been on strike and are just now getting everything sorted out with labor agreements and demands for Evian and personalized M&M’s.

Incidentally, I have not joined in their lazy revelry. When Mrs. Matthewpedia and I learned last fall that we would be parents, our productivity, conversely, shot through the roof. After the picky grad-student staffers vacated the place for a hardwood studio above a nondescript coffeeshop in Portland during strike negotiations, we setup HQ for our new startup, Matthewpediatrics.

Our boy was born on May 31, 2009, and he’s perfect. No, literally. (Sorry, but did you know that Big Ben started keeping time on that day 150 years earlier?)

So, we’ve been busy. All the media attention, the product sponsorships, and the perpetual Oprah invites (enough with the tear-jerk voicemails, please, baby Matthewpedia cries enough for us) have really filled up the Matthewpediatrics infant care schedule. That’s my excuse.

However, a year without the constant day-to-day rhythm of the blogroll has done wonders for my creative juices. Get ready for a re-invigorated Matthewpedia, focused on things we’re asked the most. (Well, without the no-compromise skinny-jeans staffers, the things I get asked the most.) That and other surprises are heading your way. As soon as the hipsters return from the Apple store. I promise.

As you can see, we’ve already changed the blog’s background from the electronic equivalent of tweed to this cleaner look. (“That’s cool, I guess,” says the prodigal staff.) We are officially in the 21st century.

(Full disclosure: Certain parts of this post have been fabricated; the staffers would never drink Evian, that cash-cow tapwater of an evil mega-corporation. Please. They drink this.)

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3 Responses to Matthewpediatrics

  1. Eotena says:

    ::falls over laughing::

  2. Dan says:

    Yes, but what are your digital camera recommendations? Heh, good to have you back.

  3. matthewpedia says:

    Dan – it's good to be back! As soon as the staff puts down their vintage 1960's Leicas, we'll have some more recommendations.

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