There’s a reason they call it a Cadillac

Have you seen this TV ad? The tagline is brilliant. It’s for the brand-new Cadillac SRX “crossover” (the gas-sipping way to say ‘small SUV’), and the folks at GM finally got the ad right.

“The Cadillac of crossovers.”

YES!  There are reasons we call things Cadillacs, and you’re looking at one of those reasons. Good job, Fritz. If the car is as good as the ad, GM may be onto something for the 10’s.

P.S. – The song used in the ad is called 1901 by Phoenix. Almost perfect, the Cadillac Automobile Company was founded in 1902. What’s a year? (It’s nothing to my staffers, apparently. They’re still not back. See previous post.)

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3 Responses to There’s a reason they call it a Cadillac

  1. Eotena says:

    Phew. For a minute there, I thought this post might be about me. 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great ad. Cadillac has had some great ads in the past 5 years. I like their new CTS wagon. They're talking about bringing us a CTS-V wagon. Might drag me away from BMW – we'll see.-Ben

  3. matthewpedia says:

    There's also a CTS coupe coming out! Looks crazy!

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