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Impossible Made Beautiful

Have you ever wanted to fly? I have – and not because I wanted to get somewhere faster. I just want to see things from up high – soaring along the edges of skylines, looking across the horizon, and twisting around my … Continue reading

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Remembering Rich Mullins

15 years ago, a musician named Rich Mullins died. His Jeep rolled over on a Friday in Illinois, and I remember hearing the news on the radio the next day. Choked up, the DJ slowly shared the story and hollowed … Continue reading

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Matthewpediatrics, Vol. 2

Yes, it’s true. Baby Emmett joined the Matthewpedia staff less than a fortnight ago. His contract stipulates that we promote the spelling of his name: it’s “Emmett” – two Es, two Ms, and two Ts. Once again, Mrs. Matthewpedia and I have our … Continue reading

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What a difference three years makes

Coming soon: Matthewpedia Rises! Er, Returns! Wait… Now appearing this Olympiad, Matthewpedia! No, that’s not good either… Okay, okay, okay. We know a dead cat bounce when we see one, but we still blame the AWOL hipster staffers and their strike … Continue reading

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