What a difference three years makes

ImageComing soon: Matthewpedia Rises! Er, Returns!

Now appearing this Olympiad, Matthewpedia!
No, that’s not good either…

Okay, okay, okay. We know a dead cat bounce when we see one, but we still blame the AWOL hipster staffers and their strike of 2009 for Matthewpedia’s extended hiatus. We almost came to a truce last year, but then there was something about tents, TV rights, and the 99%, and suddenly they were “released” from their Portland party pad, blaming us and leaving the U.S. to pursue other career opportunities, best we can tell. We picked up the pieces and relocated operations to Texas because of its limitless restaurants, low taxes, and wealth of material for this blog. Like the missing staffers, we too have arrived in a different country.

Bottom line – we’re back, and we’re excited. More soon.

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