Impossible Made Beautiful

Have you ever wanted to fly? I have – and not because I wanted to get somewhere faster. I just want to see things from up high – soaring along the edges of skylines, looking across the horizon, and twisting around my favorite landscapes.

Well, here’s the next best thing. Fair warning – this is a shameless plug for Yonder Blue Films, a startup captained by a Matthewpedia supporter that flies cameras in the air (!) with multi-copters.  These guys are on the cutting edge of a hobby that’s rapidly becoming a bona-fide segment of the film industry. That’s right, you can make a living doing this.

You can also win awards, like these guys did for this video:

That video won (easily, in our opinion) the 2012 MultiRotor Forums contest, which awarded the Yonder Blue boys with some crazy new gear and global street cred. These guys are way ahead of the curve in producing impossible shots that are just beautiful. In fact, we hear that they’ll have some footage of dinosaurs soon (not a joke).

If you dig this, go like ’em on Facebook or Twitter.  Already watched that video twice? Find more breathtaking footage on the Yonder Blue Films Gallery page.

The best part? You can meet these guys in person and have their genius brains work on your next video production. (Plug!) Just contact them, and you’ll feel great knowing you’re supporting a small business that sees the big picture.

(Bravo, Ben, for the tenacity and vision to make YBF really take off. Politicians everywhere should be clamoring to tell your story on the campaign trail of small business success on Main Street. Maybe they’d hire you to help tell theirs, too.)

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4 Responses to Impossible Made Beautiful

  1. Amazing video! Very nice article as well.

  2. JK says:

    This is simply amazing.

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