We’ll autograph that for you

A lot of “experts” these days blather about measuring your online influence.  Well, here at Matthewpedia, we have an objective data set. Five years ago, we produced a list of 10 books that we wished existed and set it loose online. None of these books existed in 2007. Let’s see how we did.

Baseball/football as pastime – this loosely exists only as a top-notch routine from the late comedian George Carlin (Google him). Strike 1 for us.

The real secret – no official publication, but the formula is apparently still effective! No vibes here. 0 for 2.

Mother Teresa’s autobiography – it’s not “auto,” but it’s far better than cultural autopilot. Fr. Maasburg’s book is what we’ve been looking for. 1 for 3.

Freakonomics 2 – published in 2009, the Steves even took our advice to focus on global warming, which is the most daring, mind-blowing chapter in their sequel, Superfreakonomics. Naturally we take credit. 2 for 4.

Anything else by Leif Enger – We said this counted for two if it happened.  And it did.  So Brave, Young and Handsome  stands tall as a sophomore release that still has the magic. And, for extra credit, the protagonist is a failed novelist. Still waiting on the film version of “Peace.” 4 for 6. (Leif, please write more – maybe even in the comments? Pretty please?)

“…Other business killers” – Not officially a book yet, but this happened. 4 for 7.

Harry Potter and Socialized Medicine – We’re still waiting. 4 for 8.

Straight talk about you know what – We might’ve missed this release because we’re still laughing. If only presidential debates had as much clarity. 4 for 9.

Portmanteau – We’re not kidding. Two years ago, this gem appeared. We totally rockumentary. 5 for 10.

That just happened. Half! Objectively, it’s clear the Matthewpedia staff is either way ahead of the curve or downright psychic. To celebrate batting 500, we might answer one of those TED speaking requests that have been piling up. You know how it is for online experts – everybody wants to get on your schedule, so you might as well get your message out by writing a book.

Share your wishes for future books in the comments.

P.S. – if any former Matthewpedia staffers-turned-hipsters are reading this, a “book” is an “old-school Kindle,” as you call it.  Now, read this again – it might make more sense.

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4 Responses to We’ll autograph that for you

  1. meldenius says:

    Meso-excellent! Half the future is better than no future at all. You are half a prophet. Actually, wouldn’t Mother Theresa’s journals count as autobiography, sort of? I thought those were published.

  2. Matthewpedia says:

    Thanks! I think her “doubting, faith-crisis” letters were published prior to our 2007 prediction, prompting our wish for an autobiography, and not “letters lacking context.” Also, is half a prophet a pro, or a prop?

  3. You’ll be a shoe-in for the World Series. Maybe I’ll watch it (haven’t seen it in years).

  4. Mother-in-law says:

    My son-in-law is brilliant! 🙂

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